Prostitute claims to have been with God and what he said will put you goosebumps…

Despite the grand opening that today lives on these issues women need to continue to respect such precepts, and this happens in most religions.When we talk about religion we know that it is an institution that is governed by a large number of standards that must be met, otherwise we are directly disobeying God. One of these principles, which coincidentally is the strictest, has to do with women, who at all times must dress modestly and conservatively, especially when they go to church.

The prostitute named Carla has an answer to those questions, but above all has a revelation us. Years had a fatal accident in his native New York, on his way to the brothel, but until recently dared to break the silence.

“It was the most real thing that happened to me,” says Carla. A truck crashed into her car and she was seriously injured. “The steering wheel was stuck me in the chest and the roof collapsed on my head; there was simply no way to survive, and I prayed to God for what he believed would be my last moments of life. “Paramedics pronounced dead, his heart stopped pumping, had no pulse, but 90 minutes later miraculously returned to life. Witnesses were amazed when they saw him move; They say that they were a few minutes to move her to the morgue. Carla revealed what was shocking awakening. She said: “Everything was full of light, as if it were another dimension. As he walked to the entrance of heaven found people who are no longer on this planet, who gave me a warm welcome. ”

He says he also heard music that filled her with peace and I could hear a choir in a language they did not understand, but it certainly was beautiful. After that description so beautiful paused, he began to mourn and revealed something unexpected, something no one imagined:

“I could talk to God and told me it was not my time. I understood that my mission on earth was not finished, I had to come back here with you, to tell you that God exists, that heaven is real and, above all, he had to tell them that God has a kind and loving face, a face of the Child “. Those who heard the story of Carla were speechless. All this time believing that God was man, who really cares and protects us is a child. Heaven certainly has many secrets, and only with miracles like this we know some of the mysteries of God.

However, recently it has viralizado some photos through social networks, where we can see a very beautiful and daring prostitute, who thanks to her curves and waisted dresses is falling all men who visit the brothel.

Possibly this woman is violating some of the most important rules of morality, but people are going to the brothel, that I can guarantee. However, this beautiful woman has achieved worldwide fame not only for her curves, and she claims to have had sex with God when he went to heaven, this makes her a prophet. And thanks to his divine powers has been able to perform some miracles, even there is evidence that ensure that the prostitute could cure a young terminal cancer.


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